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 Hidden Village 2.3.0

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As always, to celebrate the new patch, enjoy the game 100% free from 1/26/17 -> 1/29/17...

Battle the elements as you fight to keep your villagers alive. As the seasons change, you must adapt. . . Build your defenses, and protect your village from the invasions.

COLLECT RESOURCES: Distribute your villagers to gather the resources that you need. Set Priority to the resources you want to kill first.

BUILD AND EXPAND: Build houses so villagers don't sleep on the ground. Expand safely as resources have to be delivered to the Main Hub to be used. Breed and increase your numbers. The possibilities are endless.

INVASIONS: Defend against invasions. King Assassins hit hard but move slow. Flame Prince will burn your village to the ground. Other ninjas grow in numbers as the game progresses.

LEADERBOARDS: Create a Unique username and compete to the top of the leaderboards against players from all over the world.

DESTROY: Destroy buildings you don't want anymore.

DEFENSES: Build defenses to protect your village. Utilize guard towers, ropes, spikes, and your finger in order to protect your village.

SOLDIERS: Create soldiers to Defend your village. Watch them gain experience and levels as they fight to their death. Protect your soldiers early and they will protect you later. Having a soldier will protect your villagers and structures because they pull all invasion agro.

INVESTMENTS: Invest the resources you don't need at the moment, creating a gradual passive income overtime. The more you invest, the more you get per second.

QUALITY OPTIONS: Choose between low, medium, and high quality maps based on what your phone can handle.

UPGRADES: Upgrade in game and become stronger. Give your villagers shields to protect from attacks. Everything is based on in game seconds.

WEATHER MATTERS: As the weather changes your villagers react. Heat Waves cause water levels to drop while rain gives a passive water gain. The ground will change with the weather.

SAVE/LOAD: Save your game and load that save on any quality map. Start on high and finish on low. 3 Save Slots which can be renamed/overwritten/or deleted.

MUSIC: Listen to peaceful ambient music ... or mute it and listen to your own.

RANDOM ENVIRONMENTS: Each new game is different from the last.

No Ads/No DLC... seriously.

--Note From Developer--
I am a self taught coder and I worked on this game alone over the summer. I plan to patch this heavily and build this game to something a lot of people can enjoy. I know my code very well so if you find any bugs or have suggestions/quality of life improvements that you would like to see, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will fix it ASAP. I also take feature requests. You can also add a name to the list of possible villager names by emailing me or contacting me on Twitter.

Feel free to contact me about anything.

This App requires ~400 MBs of space.


-Added a new animation when opening up the Menu (Thanks MAXIMUS)
-The game won’t ask for a username more than once if you decide you don’t want one. (Force close the game and reopen it to be asked again.
-Renamed the Feedback button to “Happy Place”
-Redesigned your Happy Place because who doesn’t like rainbows ^^
-Changed the color of the word “idle” on the menu screen.
-Changed main menu mute icon
-Autosave icon will appear during auto saves. Oink!
-Reduced the size of the initial “Create Courier” Text
-Health bar no longer disappears automatically
-Save menu will now only show the save you are currently on.

Database improvements

For full notes, visit Kickrocksgames.com and view patch notes 2.3.0
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