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 High School Gangster Criminal 1.1.2

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Is your high school life no fun? Do you want to give bullies a taste of their own medicine?

Do you want to know what it’s like playing tricks on others and enjoy bullying? Do you want to make your own gang of bullies in high school? Although we don’t recommend bullying in real life, this high school gangster bullying game is just for leisure time fun where you deviate from discipline and go on a semi crime adventure.

Download this high school gangster game now, where you can play as a high school gangster and play tricks on your school mates in class rooms, hallways and auditoriums. It’s an adventure filled game where you will be a naughty gangster bully of your high school bullying other students. Dare to break the discipline and rules for once, and see for yourself you will have fun! Have a bully free life by being a bully for once.

Take part in the gangster strike mission and witness for the first time a realistic gangster
game where you can be a high school bully and have fun with your gang. Using fun, naughty and your favourite tricks, you can be a high school gangster and enjoy the houseparty game then you can bully your friends, school fellows and class fellows with funny naughty tricks and enjoy while the game lasts.

You can rule and bully any of the high school kids and children and boys who tease you or try to bully you even in this gangster game, for playing this game you will be assigned a target for this reason so then you can follow it in the gangster game for bullying. But beware of being caught by your teachers and the evil principal because if you do you will get caught and you will get punished and you will lose the game.

To complete levels, hit and punch the kids around, steal their lunch boxes, sneakily throw
papers and paper balls at teachers and use prank tricks with the security guard in the high school gangster game but you have to be sneaky with the guard and not get caught or else you will lose and you will get punished for causing trouble as a bully gangster in high school gangster game.

High School Gangster Game Features:

* numerous exciting levels consisting of naughty tricks
* Levels are time based
* Levels are target based
* Appealing environments of high school setting include;
- classroom,
- school hallway,
- school auditorium.
* Power controls
* Target detectors.
* Realistic sounds
* Realistic graphics.
* Target navigation
How to Play High School Gangster:
* Select the level in the high school gangster bullying game
* Be vary of the tasks you are supposed to perform in high school gangster game
* Complete the given tasks in the time provided.
* Bully the teachers carefully especially after they appear calm
* Teachers who get angry might catch you bullying
* Don’t be noticed by the security guard when you’re bullying him
* Dodge all the professors and then bully the kids of the school by taking their
lunchboxes and other tasks etc
* You will score multiple points on completing each task which means automatic

So download the high school gangster bullying game and you can even relieve your stress when you’re angry instead of hurting people in real life. You can also have fun because the gangster game is quite thrilling in terms of sneaky adventure.
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