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 Higher maths Formulas 4.0.0

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Here is maths formulas pack for all maths students. This app has 200+ math formula and more to come.
Formulas covered in this app those all are given below..

1. Algebra Formulas

- Set Identities
- Sets of Numbers
- complex Numbers
- Factoring and product
- Algebraic equations

2. Analytic Geometry Formulas

- Lines in two dimensions
- Triangles in two dimensions
- Circle
- conic Sections
- Planes in three dimensions

3. Functions Formulas

- Exponents
- Logarithms
- Roots
- Trigonometry
- Hyperbolic Functions

4. Integration Formulas

- Common Integrals
- Integrals of Rational Functions
- Integrals of Exponential Functions
- Integrals of Logarithmic Functions
- Integrals of Trig. Functions

5. Limits and Derivatives Formulas

- Limits Formulas
- Common Derivatives

6. Series Formulas

- Arithmetic and Geometric Series
- Special Power Series
- Taylor and Maclaurin Series

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