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I know what you're thinking.. how can anything this purple be useful to you in your tireless pursuit of knowledge.

I was in the same boat.. I had the same doubts. But then I realized I was the developer.. and darn it.. I should probably stand behind my conscious decision to pick this color! So I offer you my defense:

Don't let its colorful nature fool you.. This app is pure business, buddy!

Hiragana Pro is determined to help you take your kana recognition skills to the next level by fooling you into thinking you're playing a game! You'll never see it coming!

It starts you off with some multiple choice.. just to get your feet wet. Then, out of nowhere, it kicks it into high gear with a little keyboard entry!

Before you know it, you're going to be reading Japanese like a.. Japanese person?

Check out the life-changing experiences that some users have reported:

★ "My cat played Hiragana Pro.. now it only meows in Japanese" - Concerned user

★ "I use this app 3,000 million gazillion times a day.. my Mom thinks that's a problem.. but I know better!" - Anonymous

★ "This app has doubled our team's win percentage.. don't ask me how!! Shoot.. I just gave away our secret!" - Youth basketball coach

★ "Crime, homelessness and pollution have all dropped significantly in the last year. It's all thanks to Hiragana Pro!" - President Tru.. *ahem* A current US President

★ "Will recommend to all my friends" - Hermit

If your experience with this app rivals any of these reviewers', please leave a review and let us know how this app changed your life in unimaginable ways.
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