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HireUp - Effortless Recruitment

HireUp is a mobile app that allows you to apply for job vacancies you've been referred to by people in your networks.

The recruitment of talented personnel is a big challenge. Many businesses have introduced employee referral programs, though many of these are difficult to develop, implement, manage, automate and secure employee buy-in.

HireUp has developed an app that enables employers to implement an automated solution that makes in easy for employees to share jobs, and for applicants to apply through.

Benefits to Employers;

- The solution is easy to implement and manage
- Saves management time
- Reduces cost
- Automates the recruitment process
- Speeds up recruitment
- Enables employees to be engaged and effective
- Introduces higher quality candidates
- Has a transparent tracking system
- Is personalised to the unique needs of your business
- Monitors employee commitment to the program

Benefits to Employees;

- Ease of use
- One click shareability
- Performance based rewards
- Earn income from successful referrals
- Win monthly prizes
- Transparent tracking system
- Real-time notifications

Management Functionality

- Simple onboarding of employees to the company referral program
- Assignment of roles to specific managers
- Enables specific managers to promote job vacancies
- Ability to create, edit and update job vacancies
- Create prizes & rewards for employees that promote job vacancies to their networks
- Automated processes from the creation of a vacancy through to hire or rejection of an applicant
- CV’s are automatically circulated to relevant managers
- Track employee engagement/performance with the program
- Analytics & reporting

Employee Functionality;

- One click sharing of job vacancies through multiple social media channels
- Real-time notifications
- When a new job is posted
- When a connection applies for a vacancy
- When an applicant is accepted for an interview
- When an applicant is hired/declined
- Analytics: number of job shares, applicants, referred employees and open jobs
- Ability to view all current job vacancies
- Can track a referred applicant throughout the application and recruitment process
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