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The purpose of all wars is peace and the purpose of Historical Wars & Battles SMART Guide is to inform you about all wars for peace. This Wars and Battles app has detailed description of more than 5500 major battles strategically placed in various categories. The app has Categories, Search, Contribution, EduBank, Quiz, Autoplay and more. With information on various civil wars, world war, revolutionary battles ever to take place on this planet, this Great Wars app will teach you a lot about wars of the past. Not only this, there are war games too to help you memorize the wars!

The major wars and battles in Great Wars app are divided into following categories:

1. On the Basis of year in which the battle took place
2. War by Region
3. War by Date
4. War by Type - Border Conflicts, Civil War, Invasions, World War

Main Features of the app: -

* Categories - Know the details of different wars and battles like Definition, Duration, Location, Belligerents, Result, Commanders, Leaders and more.
* Search - Just type in the war you are looking for and get the relevant facts and figures.
* Contribute - If you think we missed something, contribute it and we’ll update it!
* EduBank - EduBank is a perfect place to save your learnings and refer anytime quickly.
* Quiz - Challenge your knowledge with exciting Quiz. Get ready with your armour!
* Autoplay - Listen to the terms and their meaning.

Every war teaches something or the other to future generations. Whether it is Revolutionary war, civil war, European wars or world war, different wars have different reasons. Know them and understand them. Know all about the wars in past with Historical Wars & Battles SMART Guide.
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