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The medical term for fever is ‘pyrexia’. If you find that your body temperature has risen above 98.6 F then it is considered as a fever. Let’s look at why your body temperature shoots up.

Causes of Fever

There could be various reasons that contribute to a fever. Usually, the body raises its temperature in response to an infection. We can also run a fever when we are exposed to extreme sun or heat exhaustion. When the body is attacked by viruses or other toxins the body becomes feverish. Certain medications also cause fever as a side effect.
Whenever the body’s temperature is higher than the normal range, it is called a fever. Although we commonly hear that 98.6 degrees F, or 37 degrees C, is considered normal, this is not a set number that applies universally to all. Normal body temperature is different for children than adults and also can vary among individuals.
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a child has a fever when his or her body temperature is higher than 99.5 degrees F, or 37.5 degrees C. An adult has a fever when his or her body temperature exceeds 99 to 99.5 degrees F, or 37.2 to 37.5 degrees C.
A fever is basically a symptom of another condition or illness. A fever can occur when your body is fighting an infection, such as the flu.
Additional reasons for a fever are a response to immunization in children, ear infections, urinary tract infections, certain inflammatory diseases, gastroenteritis, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and blood clots. Sudden change in the weather and unhygienic lifestyle may also contribute to a fever.
Some of the common symptoms associated with a fever include sweating, headache, muscle ache, dehydration, weakness, slight shivering and loss of appetite.
A fever is a good thing and usually will go away within a few days. But if a fever is making you uncomfortable, you can try some simple and easy home remedies to cool the body down and make you feel better.
However, if your fever exceeds 104 degrees F, or 40 degrees C, it can become very dangerous. During such a situation, you must immediately see a doctor.

Symptoms of Fever
• Joint pain
• Nausea
• Sore throat
• Chills and shivering
• Lethargy
• Increased heart rate
• Dizziness
• Weakness
• Headache
• Dehydration
• Sweating
• Fogginess
• Irritability

Natural Remedies for Fever
Ayurveda has a safe and effective answer to how to cure fever in a day. These home remedies for fever are a better choice than those antibiotics and OTC drugs. The best part is that treating a fever can be done with simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen and they don’t have any side effects.
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