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 Horror Coloring Book 1.2

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☀ Download the latest ♥Horror Coloring Book♥ app for free and the world of scariest monsters and zombies will come onto your smartphone. Use the brush or a bucket to paint them and the chills will go down your spine. Imagine being a protagonist of your favorite horror story while you are adding colors to the image of a scary old witch who has a huge wart on her chin. Decide on the color for her hat and make her look like one of those horrifying monsters from your nightmares.

Highlights of the Horror Coloring Book app:
≈ A way to express creativity by painting a lovely drawing
≈ Chance to use a brush and sketch a picture you will color
≈ The bucket option that will let you paint bigger areas
≈ Fantastic colors to make your creation splendid
≈ Opportunity to see your work of art as wallpaper

☀ Grab your smartphone and begin this fantastic coloring game that will make you lose track of time and forget about the rest of the world. You will be immerged into the fantastic world of petrifying creatures, and when you finish painting the creepiest zombie, it will be like he has come to life. The choose pictures option contains so many cool sketches from which you can take your pick. Show your artistic skills by coloring the mummy and set this top artwork of yours as new wallpaper on the tablet. Have a ball with the popular ♥Horror Coloring Book♥.

☀ The vast color palette has so many shades that you could use, and it what is really incredible is that you will be able to create one on your own. Just use the eyedropper to pick it up. Your hair will stand up on end while you are coloring the sketches of an angry grim reaper. With a scythe in his hands he is in search of the next victim. Within the new ♥Horror Coloring Book♥ you will also encounter the scariest vampire who has an evil grin on his face. It will be up to you to decide what shade his cloak will be.

☀ This best game will be appropriate for Halloween and you while you are painting the image of a ghost carrying a carved pumpkin you will feel the spirit of this holiday. Unleash your creativity and construct a top masterpiece that will look so good set as cool wallpaper on your device. Use the bucket and different sizes of a brush to make everything perfect. When you finish coloring all you have to do is store your creations into the gallery. Discover what fantastic options are offered to you within the popular ♥Horror Coloring Book♥.

☀ If you feel like doodling, there is a create own option that will let you draw whatever comes to your mind. For all mistakes that you make there is a choice of using eraser or of tapping on the undo button that will take you a few steps back. If you would like to start all over, just click on the clear button. The scary world of petrifying monsters is waiting just for you and since you like being scared painting the creepy drawings will be a pure pleasure for you. There is no need to hesitate, make haste to the market and obtain the latest ♥Horror Coloring Book♥ on your tablet. Finding out that this best application is absolutely free will dazzle you!
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