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Horses sing this song that includes most of the horse's voice to learn about horse Hee Hee, instructions to download to friends to use. Bring it open for entertainment.

Horse (Equus ferus caballus) is one of the two species of Equus ferus or wild horse that remains today. Equidae horses have evolved more than 45 to 55 million years ago, from many small ungulates to large toddlers today. Humans began to raise horses around 4,000 BC. And it is believed that the prey spread over 3,000 BC. Caballus horses are home to horses, although some horses are home to wild animals such as feral horses. Such as Mongolian wild horses, which are classified as subspecies and the only remaining species of true wild horses. The word horse play is used to indicate that this horse is not a horse. There are numerous terminology used to describe horse-related concepts. Cover from anatomy to life span, size, color, breeding symbols. Movement and behavior

Anatomy of a horse allows the horse to use speed to escape hunters. And the horses also developed a great balance and a strong instinctive fight or retreat. Horses also have special effects for avoiding hunters. Horses can fall asleep or fall asleep. The female horse will be around for 11 months. The horse will stand and run shortly after birth. Many home horses will start practicing under saddles or reins between the ages of two and four. The horse will mature at age five. And between the ages of 25 to 30 years.

The horse breeds are roughly divided into 3 types according to their temperament. They are "hot blood", "fast blood" and "cold blood". Slow, steady, hard work, and "warmblood" that evolved from a bloody and bloodless crossing. It is a breeding for some special purposes. Especially in Europe House horses are more than 300 varieties in the present. Developed for different uses.

Horses and humans interact in a variety of sporting and non-recreational activities, such as police, agriculture, entertainment and past occupations. For this reason, the development of various driving techniques. Using different styles of equipment and methods of control. There are many products available from horses, including meat, milk, leather, feathers, bones and drugs extracted from the urine of pregnant female horses.

Fairy tale about horse Pegasus was born of Mrs. Gorgon Medusa was killed by Percy Uses her death. While she died, it died. Pegasus leaped out of her neck. No one can beat Pegasus at all. When it was new and ran wildly. Water splashes from the footprints it runs to create beautiful fountains. Pyrenean spring
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