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Everyone needs a fast hotspot toggler and of course, Hotspot Hotshot toggles your hotspot on and off with the fastest widget toggle you've ever seen.

Is that what makes Hotspot Hotshot so hot? nope, not even.

This hotspot toggle takes it to the NEXT LEVEL because this hotspot toggle is PROGRAMMABLE and can memorize and hotswap between THREE presets you can create in seconds!

OK, sounds pretty good but some of you don't really know how that can be such a lifesaver and I'm glad you asked:

If you're anything like me at all you're not in a hurry to give out your mobile network password to just everyone who asks.

Have you ever been in that situation where you had to take a few minutes going into the settings of your phone, changing your hotspot password and SSID because someone:

A) just ran out of data and desperately needed someone to give them just enough data to complete the call they were on, or

B) or a friend needs a really quick wifi signal just to check something on the internet for like one minute, they promise!, or

C) or a complete stranger travelling in the same plane is from another country and their phone doesn't work except on wifi, or

D) or your new girlfriend/boyfriend wants to know your mobile wifi password (yikes!) and you really don't think you're ready to take that final step yet...

The days of things getting awkward when people ask to use your hotspot are OVER!


NOW, when someone asks you can EASILY, and with ZERO HESITATION be like "sure", whip out your phone like a hotshot and push a button. BAM!

Tell them the hotswapped easy password "12345678" or whatever easy password you made for others to use, and they can be on your hotspot without you ever having to go in and change your settings or tell anyone your real password that you probably use on just about everything!

NOW, instead of all these awkward moments, all your friends, family, loved ones and even complete strangers are all looking at you with STARRY EYED ADMIRATION because you are their hero for letting them mooch some data from ya (and did it with ease, with style and with HOTSHOT PIZZAZ!)

You will look in the mirror EVERY MORNING and SEE you're a HOTSHOT!

You will leave the house feeling like a HOTSHOT!

And EVERYONE will call you a HOTSHOT!


Did I mention HOTSPOT HOTSHOT is free?

OMG now you're REALLY going to feel like a hotshot, what a sweet deal.

Tap that download button and start HOTSWAPPING your HOTSPOT like a HOTSHOT TODAY :)
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