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This unique application makes it possible to monitor measurements and observations from official meteorological stations of National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ) in keeping with the standards of the World Meteorological Organization, as well as DHMZ forecasts of that have so far been available only on local stations of the Croatian Radio and in weather related shows aired on the Croatian Radiotelevision.

A report from the Croatian Auto Club (HAK) has also been added, along with the images from its cameras in most Croatian regions.

Unlike almost all other similar applications, where forecasts are based on computer calculations of one atmospheric model, on HRT Meteo qualified meteorologists - forecasters with long-standing experience daily analyze data on present weather as well as forecasts based on around one hundred calculations of different atmospheric models, giving their local and regional estimates of future states of the atmosphere and sea. These include not only forecasts but also severe weather warnings that are displayed on the application only minutes after a DHMZ meteorologist has written them.

The possibility of an error has been reduced because forecasts for over two days ahead are done for a region, not a location. Forecasts for today and tomorrow are issued for 55 locations in Croatia, and forecasts for the day after tomorrow and two subsequent days for eight larger regions: central, eastern and Mountainous Croatia, inland Istria and Dalmatia, northern, central and southern Adriatic. For the two following days - the fifth and sixth from the day on which the forecast is issued - the most likely weather outlooks are given: a prediction of dominant or significant weather, of wind, as needed, as well as the lowest and highest daily temperatures, separately for the entire inland and for Coastal Croatia.

HRT Meteo encompasses:

The latest measurements taken from the DHMZ meteorological stations closest to the requested location:
- air temperature (°C)
- wind direction and speed (m/s)
- air pressure at sea level (hPa)
- pressure tendency in relation to the last measurement (hPa/h)
- relative air humidity (%)
- sea temperature (°C)
- precipitation in the last 12 and/or 24 hours (mm/12 or 24h)
- snow depth (cm).

The latest images from the HAK's web cams and traffic reports.

- in symbols and numbers for 55 locations in Croatia for today and tomorrow,
- for 8 regions: text forecasts for today and tomorrow and forecasts in symbols and numbers for the day after tomorrow and two subsequent days,
- regions: central, eastern and Mountainous Croatia, inland Istria and Dalmatia, northern, central and southern Adriatic,
- weather outlooks for two additional days; separately for inland and for Coastal Croatia,
- separate text forecast for the Adriatic, with emphasis on wind and sea conditions and visibility,
- text forecast - written by a qualified meteorologist with a long-standing experience after an analysis of past and present weather and around one hundred calculations from different atmospheric models ,
- forecast in symbols presents dominant or significant weather on the given day for a specific location or region,
- numerical forecast presents the lowest and highest daily air temperatures on a certain location, and the dominant or significant lowest and highest air temperatures for a region,
- biometeorological forecast for the region where the requested location is situated,
- human comfort conditions,
- forecast for UV index at 14 hrs. (at 13 hrs. during winter) for the requested location.
Severe weather warnings for:
- eight Croatian regions for wind, freeze, thunderstorm, fog, extremely low and high air temperatures, rain,
- notifications only minutes after they have been written by a DHMZ meteorologist on call.
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