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 HSK Test Level 3-Test 6 1.0.0


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This APP includes a set of simulated HSK tests generated from the HSK Online Exercise/Mock Test system (hsk.myechinese.com). It is targeted at those who are preparing to take the HSK test level 3 as well as Chinese learners who wish to evaluate their learning performance through the simulated test format. The test content and format are identical to the authentic HSK test level 3, which is composed of listening, reading and writing sections comprised of 80 questions in total. The time limit for the test is 85 minutes.
It is specially designed for the iPhone. It caters to the reading size of the iPhone, with a clean and user-friendly interface, as well as easy operations. This makes it a great choice for examinees to prepare for the HSK test and Chinese teachers to guide students in their test preparations.

About HSK Online Exercise/Mock Test System
It covers every version of the New HSK test at all levels, from level 1 to level 6, and provides a question bank, in excess of 10,000 questions, which is being continuously expanded and updated. It is authorized by Hanban to use the real HSK test paper.

In addition, the system also supports learners with additional functions, such as detailed answer explanations and complete testing records. Students are able to make use of their fragmented time to study, practice, and prepare for the test anytime and anywhere

Features and Functions
Simulated + Authentic questions: Quickly familiarizes examinees with question types, levels of difficulty, and the procedures of the tests;
Answer Explanations: Learn about the key points to the questions in detail and quickly master examination points;
Professional Guidance: Professional teachers offer learning advice, grading for written exercises, online tutoring, and online Q&A sessions.

Related Textbooks
The series textbooks of Success with New HSK have been compiled according to the New HSK Syllabus issued by Hanban. The series includes a 16mo book +CD, ranging from New HSK level 1 to level 6, covers the scope of the targeted exercises, comprehensive exercises, and simulated tests to improve the overall testing abilities of the examinees.
Buying online: www.blcup.com

Related HSK Pre-Test Training (Online / Offline)
Familiarizes examinees with New HSK test procedures and question types;
Improve the examinees’ overall Chinese proficiency or their focus on a specific aspect, such as listening, reading, or writing;
Improve the examinees’ test skills through mock tests and tutoring from teachers and experts.
Inquiries: service@myechinese.com

About the HSK Test
The HSK test is an international standardized Chinese proficiency test launched by Hanban in an effort to better serve Chinese language learners. The test is targeted at examinees whose native language is not Chinese. The test emphasizes testing examinees’ communication abilities and their ability to apply Chinese in their daily lives, study, and work.
The Open University of China established the New HSK test center to receive registration.
Test : Weigongcun, Haidian District,
Test Code: 9998800
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