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 Huegasm for Philips Hue Lights 3.4.2

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Your lights meet your music.

- Synchronize your lights directly with the beat of your music from a local audio file or a song from SoundCloud.
- Customize your perfect party atmosphere with a variety of configurable options.
- Turn lights on/off, change the color and brightness of the lights.
- Put your lights into strobe or colorloop modes.
- Randomize the color of your lights.

Currently only a local audio ( .mp3, .wav, etc... ) or a SoundCloud link may be added to Huegasm on Android. The SoundCloud link may lead to a song or a playlist. Do note that the artist must mark the song streamable on SoundCloud for Huegasm to be able to play it.

Check out the Huegasm Chrome extension to be able to listen to music from any of your browser's tabs:


How can I get rid of ads?
There is an ad-free version of this extension available in the play store.

Can you support fetching music from Spotify/Youtube/*insert your favorite music service here*?
This is currently not possible. Modern music licensing puts heavy restrictions on how and where music can be played. Web applications like Youtube and Spotify make it impossible to stream directly from them.
*Note that I am actively working on a Chrome extension that may actively listen to your audio stream to get around some of these restrictions.

Why can't I add a certain SoundCloud song/playlist/artist to my playlist?
There is a number of possible reasons. Sometimes the uploader may prevent streaming from outside sources. Sometimes SoundCloud straight up fails to correctly send the music to the app ( can't really complain here as it's a mostly free service ).

My lights lag or are unresponsive for a given situation. What's up?
The Hue system has very real limitations as described here: ( requires a registered account to view )
I would highly recommend to not run several Hue applications at once as they may clog your system and cause performance degradation.

The application feels unresponsive or laggy. What's up?
Huegasm runs best on Android version 6+. Older versions of Android have an outdated, laggy rendering engine that causes performance issues for Huegasm. If you're on a pre-marshmallow version of Android, I recommend using Huegasm from your mobile web browser:

Is Huegasm available on any other platforms?
Currently Huegasm is also available as a web application at: and as a Chrome extension at:
The Chrome extension may listen for music straight from your browser tab, microphone or even your entire computer system.
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