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Humena is a series of synchronous "Keyword Meditation" programs for unlimited groups of participants from around the world. The participants' brainwaves are synced and controlled by NIST Atomic Clock and GPS signals with milliseconds resolution (despite the distance, location and number of participants).
It is believed and has been observed multiple times, that when many people are synchronously wishing for something - it happens. Currently, Humena supports five programs each corresponding to a particular state of mind (High Energy - Gamma waves, Peace of Mind - Alpha waves, Life Force - Beta waves, Deep Relaxation - Theta waves, and Restful Sleep - Delta waves) as well as customization of any supporting sounds (ambient sounds, guided keyword voice, and ambient drums).

The app provides free solo meditation (including meditating to a particular brainwave without escalation/de-escalation) and group meditation which in most cases contains a 3 minute alpha wave start and escalation/de-escalation to the program's brainwave.

In order to start synchronization process with other users, you have a choice of using either NTP (Network Time Protocol) or GPS (Global Positioning System) for synchronization. NTP synchronization uses thousands of NTP servers scattered across the world in order to achieve the most accurate synchronization results while the GPS is a space-based navigation system (which speaks of its accuracy) and provides the most accurate time possible.

If using GPS, one must be in an open area to have accurate synchronization results. You only need to be in an open area during application's "synchronization in process" status. By clicking "Schedule", synchronization process will start. After synchronization completes, you may purchase a session on the time you would like to synchronously meditate with other users (clicking the Sign In button will bring a confirmation window). Once you click "Enter", you will see a red button that can be clicked 2 minutes before session start. Once you click that button, synchronous meditation will start after countdown and a boom signal. You can also re-synchronize and view additional participants who signed in with you at any time you want before session start.

Note: Please be aware that uninstalling the program with purchased unexpired sessions will result in you losing them. If you are using Android 6.0 or above, please make sure to give permissions to HUMENA app manually through settings.
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