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This editor was written by coders for coders. Feature rich, tool packed, and ready for 90+ syntax languages.

• Light / Dark Theme Setting

📝 Code Editor:
• 5 Code Fonts
• Autocomplete for most of the available syntax languages
• Full Emmet (HTML, CSS, XML, X-SASS) functions
• Show Invisible Characters
• Line Numbers
• Line Wrapping
• Active Line Highlighting
• Bracket Matching & Auto Closure
• Quote Auto Closure
• Code Folding (optional Fold Gutter)
• Auto-indentation
• Code Reformatting
• Adjust font sizes
• Undo & Redo
• Search,Replace ( Find , Replace, RegEx )
• Themes
• Minify JavaScript and CSS
• Code Snippets with unique identifier replace function.
• Templates for new files
• Append File (merge)
• Comment/Uncomment Selected Code
• Drag and Drop Arrow and Symbol buttons
• Extra Keys Row (Arrows/Symbols)
• Configurable Keys (22 user selected)
• Insert UI Bar (Spellcheck/International character input)
• Projects: a quick and easy way to group files together for Web IDE, DroidScript, Python, and Ruby development
• Cut/Copy/Paste
• Quick touch selection (Start/End, Word, Line, Delete Word, and Delete Line)
• Color Picker
• Bookmark lines (optional Bookmark Gutter)
• Goto Line
• PHP code can be executed within the integrated Web IDE with a press of a button
• Python and Ruby code can be executed through SL4A with a press of a button
• Volume Up/Down: open/close keyboard, fullscreen on/off, or CTRL/ALT key simulation
• Keep files opened and changes between sessions
• HackersKeyboard CTRL and ALT key integration / External Keyboard integration for key mapped shortcuts (Ctrl-v, Ctrl-c, etc).
• Fetch HTML source from URL
• Extract all images from fetched sources (scrape images)
• Quick HTML preview

A quick and easy way to format HTML sections of your code. Inserts the HTML source into the code editor.
• Bold, Underline, Italics
• Justification (Left, Right, Center, Full)
• Text Size / Color / Font / Font Background Color
• Background Color (div)

📱Integrated Web IDE Module:

Intel (x86):

A PHP development package for Android, turning your device into a web and database server, suitable for building and running dynamic web sites.

★ Lighttpd (Webserver)
★ PHP 5.5 AND PHP 7.1
★ MySql Server (database)
- When first installed, MySql root password is empty (leave password prompts blank)
★ MSMTP (mail out through your gmail account, good for testing mailing routines in PHP code)
★ SqlBuddy database management tool

• Map folders to a virtual host ( * Web project) and edit/run a full PHP based site on your mobile. Code is easily ' and tested without having to upload to a server.

💻 Icode-Terminal:

🙌 DroidScript:
• Edit Apps / Run them
• Autocomplete of app. methods
• Autocomplete of Created Objects
• FontAwesome helper
• Create SPK's easily
• SPK file support. Installs the DroidScript app / opens it as a project for editing.

🐍 💎 SL4A integration for Python and Ruby projects:
• Run Interpreters
• Run full projects with import/requires

💻 FTP integration:
• Edit remote files as if they were on your device. Seamless fetching and saving of files.
• FTP File functions, including copying from one FTP account to another.

💾 File Functions:
• Create New File
• Create New File from Template
• Create New Folders
• Copy, Move, Delete, Rename
• Unzip
• Built in Image Viewer (pinch-zoom)

🎥 Help Videos

Some functions require the upgrade to Icode Go PRIME through in-app purchasing.

👍 There are no ads, ever, and you can try most of the functions before upgrading.

👋 Have a request? Feedback? We welcome hearing from our valued users!
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