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iBleat starts a new and instantaneous dialogue between business owners and consumers, between service companies and their clients and between products or brands and their loyal supporters.

iBleat is ultimately about Accountability......

Accountability of one driver on the road to another, a Product or Brand to it's purchaser or a Company, Store or Restaurant to its Customers.

iBleat covers:

Products & Brands
How many times have you wished to report any positive or negative issues in respect of your purchases and simply found it to time consuming or difficult to do so, and you certainly didn't wish to travel back to the shop.

Shopping & Services
How many times have you wished to report a shopping experience without an effective means to do so, such as long queues with only a few till points open, or recognize great customer service.

Food & Entertainment
How many times have you wished to compliment a staff member for great service and haven't had an efficient or effective way to do so.

Whether it's a compliment or a complaint, just “Bleat it!”

… and you will finally Be Heard!

iBleat will encourage improved Customer Service as all staff members, realizing their service is potentially always monitored, will automatically raise their game through accountability as;
Every customer becomes a “mystery shopper”
Every customer becomes a service “policeman”
For the first time compliments and complaints are easily and efficiently made

Traffic & Driving
How many times have you wished that there was a Traffic Officer around when needed?
How often have you wished to report a blatant Traffic offense, un-roadworthy vehicle, aggressive or reckless driving behavior?

iBleat exposes bad behaviors and eventually will moderate everyone’s driving behavior as anyone is liable to be named and shamed.

iBleat is your chance to become an active participant to make our roads a safer place, for all of us.

Customer Service at your fingertips
Just “Bleat it!”
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