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Kids have been making great ice cream crafts since birth, well, Popsicles. The number of unlimited imaginations from around the world has contributed to some very ingenious craft ideas.

Summer time beat the heat and keep your kids busy with the DIY Popsicle craft. Here, I include the 15 best ideas that make them happy, and they can also use the creation for various purposes. People of all ages can try it and have fun. This craft not only makes them happy, but also a great stress reliever. A common combination to follow with your wand when making ice cream ice cream crafts will include glue, markers, glitter, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, ribbons, buttons, stickers, and more.

1. Jewelry:
Creating your own jewelry with a popsicle sticks is not an easy task. You need to master in cutting it in the form of desire. Sometimes, this may be wrong, so using a sharp cutter will help create a fantastic piece

2. Coasters:
Arrange straight and wrap ducks on them, now draw a circle using a compass or any form device. Paint your coasters with a cloth or acrylic, and apply a final varnish to it.

3. Photo frame
This is one of the easiest ways to create using four to ten sticks for it. Arrange the stick in Square, Pentagon, or shape of your choice, and paste the photo again. You can decorate it with rocks, buttons, beads, lights, and clay. There are many variations of photo frames, you can also search and collect ideas to create them.

4. HP Holder:
Arrange four sticks and make a square, now repeat the steps five times. Next, you need to stick the stick on three sides, leaving one side. Now your phone stand is ready.

1. Pen stand / Vase:
Pen stand / vase can be done in two ways. First, someone is setting the zigzag stick or in square shape. The second method is to place mugs or rolls of magazines as a base, and attach them to them.

6. Holder Letter:
Creating a card or letter holder is easy. You need a base with six to 10. It should look like a slim rectangular box with a missing stick at one end. Do not attach it entirely, it must be partially closed.
7. DIY Home Project:
Most of the kids will be very happy in creating House and farm animals, characters, and other additional details for their project.

Draw your favorite character on a cardboard sticker or paste on the tip of a popsicle. In fact, you can create bookmarks with photos of your friends, magazine pictures, foam sheets, etc .;

9. Chandelier:
Can be prepared around or with a square hanging lamp with different layers. Set with a circular base with a hook to attach it to the roof. Next, you should create two or three layers.

10. Shadow light:
You need LED lights or colors that change color, and make two popsicle baskets. It should be the same size, and paste it together. You can also see the various styles and ideas of lopik ice lamps.

11. Box:
You can make simple boxes or some storage boxes for beads, spices, jewelry, etc .;

You can create your own favorite characters like Disney cartoons, angry birds, animal faces, smileys, etc .; You can also use it as a bookmark.

12. Furniture:
In children's projects, and decorative homes, you can make furniture such as chairs, beds, swings, and cribs. Adding some dolls or toys, ornaments make your craft amazing.

13 Puzzle game:
Instead of spending a few dollars to buy a puzzle game, you can make your own. You need some photos or if you can paint, paint his wand.

14. Popsicle characters:
Take four green sticks or you can paint them with acrylic color. Place one vertical, and three horizontally with different lengths.

As you can see, craft with handicraft stalks can not be easier, and you will be really amazed at how well your creation is changing.
Kids have been making fun Popsicle stick crafts since the birth of, well, Popsicles. Limitless amounts of imagination from all across the world have contributed to some pretty ingenious craft ideas.
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