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Are you addicted to social media apps or games? iFocusMode has a solution for you which will get rid of your smartphone addiction an help you stay focused. It lets you block apps for specific time so that you are not distracted and helps you to focus on your work / studies. It’s the best tool to increase productivity and concentration. It's a must app for today's distracting times. Person's attention span is just 20 minutes these days.

The way it works is simple and unique. Select your apps, set duration and set how many coins you want to bet on your challenge.Recommended is to put as many coins as possible. Higher the stakes, better it works. Now if you open any of those apps during your set break period, you lose all your coins. The coins are costly. You need real money to buy it. If you lose coins you lose your money.

If you complete your challenge successfully then you earn yourself 20% coins of your stake value. If you put 10k coins on your challenge and you complete it successfully, you get 12K coins back in your account. If you fail to complete your challenge you lose 10k coins.

Study has shown that to change your bad habits link it to some sort of monetary loss. Fear of losing money will help you get rid of your phone addiction.

You can block any type of apps. You can block camera (no more selfies!), phone, messages, social media, chat, browser, video apps. Either take a quick break or schedule your break from these addictive apps which constantly distract you from doing your work. It’s must have app in today’s distractive world. Smartphones are the biggest source of distraction and which in turn sets in procrastination.

Who can use iFocusMode – Take a break app?

• If you are student and are constantly distracted by your phone. Your grades are going down due to compulsive checking of group chats or friend’s status. This is for you.
• If you are a working professional and find it hard to concentrate on your work. This is for you.
• If you are addictive to play certain games on your phone for hours in a day. This is for you.
• If your kids play games most of the times on their phones. Install the app and set a weekday or weekend schedule to access those gaming apps. Set a secure PIN, so that they can’t open it at all during those days / hours. People use it to set 1 hour a day on weekends for their kids. You can set up to 5 apps in the free version.

Download iFocusMode - App Blocker today and Increase your Productivity 50X times!
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