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Parents no longer need to remind their children to view smart devices from afar. iLove encourages proper smart device viewing habits, protects children’s eyesight and eliminates the need for parents to pestering their children about proper viewing habits. iLove measures and saves the distance between the child’s eye and the device and automatically notifies the child to back off and maintain at least a certain preconfigured default distance if the distance between the child’s eye and the device becomes too close.

Nowadays, there are countless instances where parents have no choice but to hand their children smart devices, as they constantly ask to watch videos or play games on them. Yet parents cannot help but be concerned that their child’s eyesight may suffer damage as the child views smart devices from too close of a distance.

Now, with iLove, instead of constantly reminding your children to stay away from various a smart device, hand them a device with iLove installed on it.,

#Main Functions
[Data Management]
- Register and update children’s default distance (up to a maximum of 5 children)
- Register a child’s nickname, age, and profile picture
- Notify date of child registration
- Run eyesight protection mode for registered child

[Eyesight Protection]
- Provide distance warning notification

[Security Functions]
- Passcode lock configuration change
- Set passcode and unlock with passcode
- Reset passcode

[Convenience Functions]
- Configure default distance without saving information
- Run eyesight protection mode without registered child
- Stop or pause use eyesight protection mode

Use iLove like this!
- Configure the default distance close enough to the device so that the child may touch the device upon being notified of the distance alert.
- Keep the surroundings bright while the child views any smart device so as to protect the child’s eyesight.
- Make sure that the device camera clearly recognizes the child’s face.
- The distance warning notification will appear after a couple seconds of the child’s eye and the device getting too close. This is not an error so do not worry!
- Prior to running iLove, turn on the auto-rotate function of your device if the desired use of the device is in landscape mode.
- There may be functional variations depending on the surroundings or the device.
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