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Simple game in which you set the rules!

build the defense by bringing new satellites into the orbit of your planet

in the author's intention the game is an example - how to write a simple game on android in one day! however, the game will be developed and its next updates will be presented to you soon:)

* current rules of the game:
-- the magnitude of the impactOr which is delivering a satellite into orbit increases every second mission by 5%
-- the rOtator demands in-orbit a certain configuration of satellites which increase with each mission
-- also the speed of the rOtator increase (it rotates faster and faster)
-- you deciding about the location of a new satellite on the orbit by releasing an impactOr from space station at desired time
-- the size of satellite vary (in further will be correlated with impactOr size)
-- also the overlapping satellites are at this time allowed (further release will not permit it)
-- the collision of impactOr with already placed on orbit satellite does not cause it to break down, but only turns it into an inoperative one (by changing color to same as impactOr)
-- the player has 3 lives at his disposal (a collision of impactOr with satellite instead of delivery takes life)
-- a repeated hit on an already inoperative satellite also does take life
-- each successful mission brings user a number of points which is equal to count of satellites placed in orbit
-- user can race with each other by publishing scores in the Hall of Fame (requires to setup a user name and permission in game settings)

** this is a Stable Version of impactOr beta - without any features that may be in beta version
*** other game in this series is rOtator where you destroy enemy defense (immobilize satellites located on the orbit of the planet)
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