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 Impossible Nine : 2048 Puzzle 1.5.3

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Ever played a numbers' puzzle game that is so simple to play yet almost impossible to win?

Meet the Impossible Nine, a puzzle game that will challenge your mind and sharpen your logical thinking while you slowly fall for its addiction. Start on a 5x5 board with only 2 numbers' blocks and slide incoming numbers in such a way to group 3 or more. This increases the block number and the ultimate goal is to reach a 9. Much more difficult than it sounds!

If you liked 2048, Hexic box or other number puzzles, you'll love the Impossible Nine. The only downside is that you'll get addicted to reaching a high-score, but your brain will love you for it.

Impossible Nine TOP features:
◆ Re-imagined 2048 Gameplay. In Impossible Nine the goal is very simple, combine 3 or more blocks with the same digit to increase it by +1. Even if lower numbers are easy, reaching 9 will require incredible logical and strategic thinking.
◆ Different game modes. Start playing in regular mode and try to reach 8 or even the impossible 9 to unlock Daily Challenges or the Zabaron mode.
◆ Simple and fun design. Impossible Nine will get addictive and hook you for hours, but it was designed in such a way so that it doesn't tire your eyes. Its design is beautifully crafted to help you focus on the gameplay.
◆ Leaderboard. Connect with Facebook to compare your score with your friends, or share your achievement with other worldwide players. Can you get into the 10% top players, or even 1%? Practice is King!
◆ Best Mobile Game of the year
◆ Beautiful, Clear and simple UI
◆ Easy share with friends option
◆ Simple to play but hard to master
◆ Supports all devices including tablets
◆ Supports all android 2.3+ and above devices
◆ Frequent game improvements based on your feedback
◆ Game is automatically autosaved
◆ Battery Friendly
◆ Helps you relax and have fun
◆ 60 FPS Gameplay
◆ FREE to install and play.
◆ Clear font and soft background. Designed not to tire your eyes even after playing for hours.
◆ Entertaining and addictive to players of all ages.
◆ Strengthen your logical and strategic thinking while having fun.

Are there any tips and tricks to get higher score in Impossible Nine : 2048 Puzzle? Yes, of course. Here are a couple of tips to achieve high scores and beat your friends:
◆ Take your time. Many people rush through this game because it seems to be so simple! Don’t do that. Impossible Nine does not calculate how long you take before you make a move so why move in hurry and ruin the board? This is a type of puzzle that is better solved with strategic thinking.
◆ Understand how the number block moves in this puzzle game. Each time you swipe, they will move as far as they can go to one direction. So you must familiarize yourself with this movement or you will fail in planning how to move these number blocks.
◆ Work your ways toward the corners. When you stay in the corner, the board will be able to give you more new number blocks. Try a couple of times to see if you already get a hang of this simple strategy first before moving on to the more brain challenging strategies.
◆ Try to make moves when you can merge several number blocks at once. This is a way to clear up the game board to make more room and therefore allows you to have more flexibility.
◆ Keep the highest number block in the corner, especially right bottom corner and do NOT move it. How to do this? By making sure your bottom row is always filled so that the highest tile cannot move.
◆ Don’t give up! Keep trying. Impossible Nine is not an easy game though it appears to be so.

Move the numbers and combine at least three same numbers to create the next one.
Can you get Nine? Never mind just enjoy it!

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