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Download InCity Together to become one of our first users and enjoy the service for free!

InCity Together (InCT) is a personal assistant that allows you to check your vital signs, monitor and boost your daily activity and share your data with your doctor or person of trust. In addition, it provides you with information about the latest city cultural events and leisure activities.

Moreover, you can tag interesting places, create walking routes to visit them and share them. Thanks to InCity Together Social Routes you can meet with other people for walking together an InCity Route, and meet interesting people every place you visit.

In order to fully enjoy InCity Together functionalities, you need to download the application and use an activity wristband. At the moment, the application is compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band activity tracker (1A and 1S). The Xiaomi Mi Band 1A bracelet measures daily activity and hours of sleep, while Xiaomi Mi Band 1S also measures the heart rate.

It is not necessary to have an activity bracelet in order to use InCity Together application, taking into account that in that case no data of hours of sleep or heart rate will be recorded. But since we have incorporated a pedometer we will help you in keeping track of your activity in that case.

With InCity Together you will enjoy the following functionalities:

- Vital sign monitoring: you can keep a manual record of your blood pressure, sugar levels and weight, and automatically obtain data about your heart rate (if your activity wristband has this capability, as in the case of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S).

- Physical activity tracking: you will be able to see the number of steps and kilometers you have walked, the calories consumed and the hours of sleep, allowing you to establish a goal and monitor your progress through time.

- Data sharing: you have the option to share your data with your doctor or other person of trust by simply introducing the email address of the person concerned.

- City walks: you will be able to foster your physical activity in a fun and engaging way by making alone or in company walking routes in your local surroundings or any city you visit, by tagging your favorite places and receiving points for being active!

- Leisure activities: InCity Together also shows you information about the latest city cultural events, classified according to your tastes and preferences.

- Total data protection: All your data is encrypted with an asymmetric key schema based on your personal key. Not even us will be able to access to your data if you lose your password. You are the only owner of your data.

- And since version 0.0.11 it is possible to add a profile picture or share selfies and pictures from tagged places.

InCity Together service is in trial and we are improving its functionalities. Feel free to give us your feedback or ask us for help. We will be happy to hear back from you.

Contact us:

Email address:

Twitter: @InCity_Together

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