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 Incredible City Battle Hero 1.0

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Welcome to the Incredible City Battle Hero game with incredible monster hero and hispowers. Have you ever played any deadly criminals, gangsters, mafias, incredible monsters, fighting, shooting and flying hero games in mad city mafia? Get ready to have the experience of incredible monster & incredible hero with flying power.

Incredible City Battle Hero Game Play:

The game play of this Incredible City Battle Hero is just like the other incredible monster games. Our player will be incredible monster hero and we’ll have to fight against the deadly criminals, gangsters and mafias in the whole crime city. The amazing feature of this incredible monster game is the flying of monster hero and the combat shooting powers.

Incredible City Battle Hero Features:

Futuristic HD, 3D graphics of incredible monster.
10 action pack levels with multiple of difficulties.
Real time City Simulator & flying against the deadly criminals.
Final fight against gangsters in final battle of incredibles.
Devastating flying experience of incredible monster & deal in city.
Survival City Environment to Explore against mad city mafia.

If you have interest in flying hero, incredibles, mad city mafia, incredible superheroes, rescue mission, flying hero, mafia hero, hero city, flying incredible monster, flying superhero, deadly criminals, incredible monster adventure, monster lengends, mr incredible, flying monster, boy super hero, monster superhero, flying superheroes, city rescue, strange hero, legend of hero, final battle, incredible monster adventure, legend hero, and other amazing monster hero games with deal in city then this game is just made for you.

You might have played many incredible monster hero games with fighting and shooting powers of legend hero but you have never played any incredible monster games with flying and combat shooting powers to shoot against the deadly criminals, gangsters and mafias of the whole crime city with mr incredible in monster city.

In this Incredible City Battle Hero Combat the new Sinister as the amazing monster hero, who have opened a multidimensional portal in New York to summon different versions of themselves in super hero mod, incredible hero, monster lengends & final battle?

Few years ago, people were existing in a peaceful city without any gangsters’ war, mafias, flying heroes, incredible heroes and flying superheroes and other mr incredibles. There were no such type of issues like mad city mafia, boxeo robots, superhero fly, deadly criminals in the futuristic city to live there but now incredible superheroes have rounded the mafia hero city and they are creating violence by destroying buildings, by helping smugglers and attack on our police and cops but you are the saviour of the whole crime city& monster city with defending power.
Each innocent citizen of the crime city looking for help and people do believe on you as a legend hero, incredible superhero & monster superhero.

It’s actually an incredible superhero vs mafia and gangsters who are creating violence in the whole crime city & monster city. You can’t shoot on gangsters and mafias but you don’t need to be worry because you have the jumping, kicks, flying and combat powerful shooting powers against the deadly criminals as the monster lengends.
They can shoot on you as a strange hero but you have to kill them to create peace in the futuristic city as a monster superhero. There are total 10 battle tap levels of this Incredible City Battle Hero game with flying superheroes and you have to kill all the gangsters who’re creating violence in the crime city and hero city.

You can also view gangsters in the hero city via mini map in futuristic city. As you get switch to the next level the difficulty level will be going to increase with deal in city.


Incredible City Battle Hero will be updated according to your suggestions. Don't forget to leave a review with your feedback. flying
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