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 Incredible Monster Anti Terrorist City Battle Hero 1.0

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Incredible Monster Anti-Terrorist City Battle Hero

Open world action adventure game to prove that you are the savior & a true hero

Don’t let your city & its citizens down in front of brutal evil enemies, ruthless criminals, vice thug and lethal mafia gangsters because you are an incredible mutant strange monster hero of battle city. This is your neighborhood & all your neighbors consider you a hero which mean that saving them from the vice enemy villain is your duty. This 3D action packed free roam open world game will enter you in a monster city where everyone is in trouble & only a true hero with supernatural strange mutant rope powers can save them. Save your city & people in time before they will be destroyed by villain, global terrorists and mafia gangster vice thugs. Miami strange monster mutant city is now in danger so counter terrorist super monster hero has decided to jump in & kill anyone who is a threat. Destruction and chaos will happen where monster champion hero will fight for legacy of justice and peace in the crime city. Experience astounding gun shooting action to become most spirited valiant monster superhero in this free to play grand war battle game.

Incredible mutant monster superhero has arrived in Miami strange monster mutant city and he is ready to launch a swat strike against the global terrorists, antagonist villains & vice thug mafia gangsters like a true counter terrorist hero. Monster hero is in grand action & ready to strike to save precious lives of citizens by using supernatural powers & modern weapons & guns. You as a super monster counter terrorist hero have fight, combat & battle the global terrorists & villain criminals to save your city & people. Strike hard at the villain vice enemy as its no time for stealth killing now. Vice villain enemy has taken the fight to the Miami strange monster mutant city street full of traffic, pedestrians & cars. People trust you blindly because you are the monster hero & security who protect city from global terrorist and villain vice criminals. Military army has decided to join you in this special ops mission with the help of Special Forces. You can not allow terrorism in you city at any cost. Global terrorists are terrorizing the citizens of your city by gun shooting, robbery & murder. With the help of special forces & your supernatural strange monster mutant hero powers kill all the global terrorists & vice villain enemies to restore the peace of your city. Free roam open world environment allows you to move independently from one place to another for fighting, killing and gun shooting. Now you have to strike hard as the survival of your city & its people depend on it. Your enemy is equipped with modern weapons & guns like sniper rifle& m4a1. Do not allow the enemy to counter attack & use your superpower to kill the enemy to win this war.

Time has arrived that you stop crime in open world free roam Miami strange monster mutant city game by fighting and shooting hard. Ultimate fight against global terrorists and villain vice criminals will lead you to the battle world where you have to save your city as an incredible monster hero. Fight for the survival of your city & people. Free roam, drive, race, jump & shoot all you want & anywhere you want in this free to play open world action adventure super monster hero game. Strike with a swat attack & fail enemy’s fluchtplan. Do not allow enemy to execute any escape plan. Enemy has turned your city into a frontline a frontier so wage & win the war against him to be the true hero.
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