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Indian Movie Friend is a free-to-view ‘digital theatre’ where you can watch shows and movies. Quality shows and films are streamed in a secure way, providing the viewer with a high definition, legitimate viewing experience and providing media producers with the opportunity to high revenues and reach wider audiences.

We believe in the freedom of expression and that everyone’s thoughts should be heard with open minds and hearts. There are many independent film makers and show creators who do not have a platform to broadcast their creations – we are giving them the opportunity to change that.

There is a large audience hungry for this content who currently resort to pirate channels, making do with inferior quality and the stigma of viewing illegal content. Through our technology and non-skippable advertising, we have created a revenue model that provides a superior viewing experience, generates a bigger platform for quality media and supports the further development of the Indian film industry.

Media producers can release their web series, shows and movies with Indian Movie Friend. We can provide a platform with global reach and minimal up-front costs, providing an opportunity to generate well deserved revenue. We also provide producers with a reporting account that enables tracking of up-to-date activities related to their movies with exact viewing numbers and demographic details of viewer.

Effective revenue - more profitable than other Streaming platforms
Effective and diverse reach - global platform supported by digital marketing
Freedom of Expression - no blocks, flags or content censoring
Security - proven technology that prevents piracy
Cost effective - no upfront costs for a global release

Protection of the IPR of the broadcast media is at the heart of our operation. We have technology that ensures the end-user cannot download or otherwise record the movies on their device. We can also control the geographic area where the movies are to be streamed, which provides producers with options for a variable release schedule and advertisers with options for tailored and targeted sales messages.

Movies are secured with DRM, invisible user-based forensic watermarking and encryption. Users are authenticated by device and location verification. Using the forensic marking, the viewer is tagged with a unique identification in the invisible mode. The non-removable identifier is imperceptible to the viewer and is embedded in the video enabling us to trace any content breach.
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