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 Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

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Do you know how to make a person respect you by giving them only one look? Do you know how to prevent yourself from being manipulated? Do you know how to show your deepest sympathy and kindness to those you really dislike?
Many people think that methods of manipulation will only help those whose job is related to manipulation. But actually, it is a set of different methods and techniques you can use in any realm of social life.
It helps us not to respond to provocations of old grumpy neighbours, to build a relationship with children the right way, to make contact with difficult family members and co-workers.
In other words, this set of different methods and techniques works for all people, no matter their gender, age and social status.
As for businessmen and people that have a senior level of jobs, the first thing to do is to learn the methods of manipulation. Of course, some tricks found on the Internet are not enough.
That is what our books are for. They provide you with much information about manipulation. It is not surprising that many successful people are experts in this field.
What you are going to learn from our books:

How to seduce a person
Relevance of a manipulative influence
Techniques and methods of manipulation of people's minds
Forbidden techniques of manipulation of people's minds
Complex methods of manipulation
How to avoid provocation
How to provoke a person (people)
How to make people like you (advice for men and women)
How to show your best side
How to become sly
Psychology of influence

This is the best book for those who want to become a milliner!
The most successful psychologists recommend this method of philological manipulation!

Karl Jaspers - the world-famous German psychiatrist, psychologist and philosopher, one of the most famous representatives of existential philosophy and psychology.
5 books that will teach you how to manipulate people’s minds:

1. Dale Carnegie — ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’
It is the most famous Dale Carnegie’s book. It has been on ‘The New York Time’ magazine's list of best-sellers during 10 years. It is a set of practical pieces of advice and life stories. It teaches us how to believe in ourselves, helps us to get rid of complexes by learning communication skills. It is also a practical guide to acquire oratory skills and master the psychological principles of communication between people.
2. VadimShlahter, Sergey Holnov – ‘The Art of Domination’
Manipulation technologies and methods have always been a secret weapon of authorities all over the world. Today, due to the development of mass media and the Internet, the importance of these methods for each person and our society itself has only increased. That is what the book ‘The Art of Domination’ tells us about. The authors try to describe the most important methods of psychological manipulation and also they try to teach those of us who is going to read the book till the end how to use these methods in real life.
5. Sigmund Freud – ‘Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego’
In this book, the ‘Father of psychoanalysis’ explains different types of social phenomena such as relationships with parents, siblings, our beloved ones, our friends, and colleagues. He talks about different types of narcissism and explains this phenomenon as well. He helps us to discover our unconscious mind. And also reveals the main aspects of the crowd psychology: ‘Why does a group need a leader?’ ‘Why does a leader affect the way a crowd acts?’ ‘What is the main reason of leader’s predominance?’
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Manipulation of people Psychological manipulation of people and influence on consciousness, management
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