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 इंग्लिश ग्राम्मर हिन्दी | English Grammar In HIndi 1.2

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इंग्लिश ग्राम्मर इन हिन्दी !!

** Learn english grammar with complete details provided in hindi & english.

✪ This helpful app will help to improve your English grammar quickly!

✪ This application includes:
✓ 237 grammar lessons with short and simple explanations which are easy to remember.
✓ 481 test lessons with the short tests you can test your knowledge of English Grammar and vocabulary.

✪ Main features:
✓ To know the meaning of any words, you just click on it. Immediately, the app will translate it into your native language.
✓ Add new words to your vocabulary.
✓ Support more than 100 languages.
✓ Simple and easy to use.

This comprehensive app has mainly and deliberately been designed to cater to the long - felt needs of the students studying in college and universities, including the prospective candidates for competitive exams.

An Ordinary Hindi Speaking Person, after learning English speaking and writing ,through this app may become completely successful in stepping in the ladders of success his life.
English is the most powerful medium to access the latest knowledge and science and is the solid foundation of success and growth in this era.

You can find:- Alphabet, Letters, Pronunciation, General Vocabulary, Elementary Grammar, The Sentence, Tenses, Questions and Sentences of Daily Use, Play-way Revision, Common Errors, Voice, Agreement of Verb and Subject, Narration, Formation and Usage of Words, Punctuation, The Participle and the Gerund, Composition Writing, Vocabulary Practice.

This application is the best way to improve your English Grammar at home, using anywhere!

English Grammar Master is completely offline english grammar reference book to learn and master english Grammar , covering a wide range of grammar topics .

New Topics
Question Tags
Question Words
Gerunds and Infinitives
Some or Any
Much or Many
For or Since
Too or Enough
So or Such
Few or Little
Already or Yet

Present Simple
Present Continuous
Present perfect
Present Perfect Continuous

Past Simple
Past Continuous
Past perfect
Past Perfect Continuous

Future Simple
Future Continuous
Future perfect
Future Perfect Continuous

Articles : A/An/The
Prepositions Of Place : In At On
Prepositions Of Time : In At On
Personal Pronouns - Subject
Personal Pronouns - Object
Personal Pronouns - Subject or Object
Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Pronouns
Reflexive Pronouns
1. Adjectives
2. Adverbs
3. Articles
4. Capitalisation
5. Conditionals
6. Conjunctions
7. Degree of Comparison
8 . Determiners
9. Direct & Indirect Speech
10. Distributives
11. Few , a few differences
12. Gerunds
13. Going to
14. Had Better
15. Homonyms
16. Idioms
17. Independent & Dependent Clauses
18. Irregular Verbs
19. Modals
20. Must , have to differences
21. Nouns & Pronouns
22. Parts of Speech
23. Passive Voice
24. Phrases
25. Prepositions
26. Punctuation
27. Tenses
28. Usage of Do-Make
29. Usage of Will - Going to
30. Verbs

Now No internet Required for learning grammar . Its time to learn about master english grammar along with usage on the go , offline now.

If you are looking for an English Grammar book or application so you are in a right place.

This application will provide you english grammar in hindi lauguage.

It has a very strong quick search option and it helps to learn english grammar in hindi.

Parts of Speech
- Word Order
- Articles
- Present Tenses
- Past Tenses
- Future Tense
- Passive Voice
- Modal Verbs
- Phrasal Verbs
- Irregular Verbs
- Pronouns
- Adjectives
- Adverbs
- Relative Clauses
- Noun plus Preposition
- Prepositions
- Adjective plus Preposition
- Nouns
- Some, any, a lot of, many, much etc.
- Conditionals
- Reported Speech
- Gerund
- Infinitives
- Confusing Words
- Linking Words
- Expressing hypothetical meaning
- Word Formation

**Download for Free and start learning.

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