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Unlimited Free Group Creation no charge with Paid version.

InnerGroup – Create Free end-to-end encrypted text, video, picture messenger with full sender control. Trusted by world leaders, executives, journalists, human rights activists, celebrities, and your closest friends.

Final a Safe and secure Social media app for world leaders, executives, journalists, human rights activists, celebrities, and your closest friends. Create a Posting Group with free end-to-end encryption of your Posts to all your Group Members just Lock the group.

Open the Group and all your Groupies can enjoy free end-to-end encryption and all can post to the same group.

No Ads – Ever

Secure – Send and receive secure messages, pictures, videos and audio files

Your address book never accessed or used.

Anonymous – Your InnerGroup Groups are anonymous anyone outside your InnerGroup network

Your conversations can not be tracked, intercepted or monitored.

Groups – Communicate with groups of as large as you want

We do not collect or store any of your personal information to sell
We do not own the messages and media you send via InnerGroup you do
We do not have a back door

Create a Group then invite Groupies to your group. Only the people you invite will get the posts that you put up for your group to see. Once the posts are delivered to each of the members of the group (on all their devices they joined the group on) the post is removed from the server. No server retaining any posts. The data will only live on your device and the devices of the groupies that are part of your group.

Don't worry about your Groupies (members of your group) contact info being exposed. Members of that group will not get any of the other groupie contact information and cannot contact them outside of the group unless they choose to share their contact information with the group.

Tired of having to maintain multiple email accounts and multiple social media accounts to separate the types of messages (e.g. work, personal, junk etc...) get InnerGroup and you can easily keep them all separate from 1 app.

When you create your group you own the group if you decided that you no longer want to have the group active delete it and the group and posts will be deleted off all the groupie devices that joined the group.

Free to Join groups, join as many groups as you want and to create a group is only a small in app purchase. Please note that even if you delete the group and create a new group you will have to purchase the new group.

Intuitive interface sleek design nice and simple. Want information on the group simple slide the group name from the groups list and select the more option. Want to see what groupies joined your group select the Groupie List. The group owner will be able to remove any of the groupies from the group simply by sliding the user and selecting the delete option. That user will no longer be able to be part of the group.

Want to stay in the group but delete some posts. Simple slide the post that you no longer what on your device and select the delete option. Once you do that it will be removed form that device and only that device.

Why worry about posts staying on the internet forever. InnerGroup there is no server saving your posts. Once the posts are delivered to al the groupies (on each device they joined the group) the posts will be removed and only live on the devices that where part of the group.

Want to stop having people join the group with your old code update the Join Code and the old one will not longer work.

There is no way to recover your password if you forget your password you will need to delete the app and create a new user. You will loose all the old data, but you will be able to join all the groups you were a part of and you will be able to start receiving new posts but not the old posts.
Personal Posts (PP) Group Owners to groupies allowed to (PP) and groupies to group owner.

Social Media Networking done right.
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