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Io.T Solutions is a company of Tecno spa
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io.T, that also means The Intelligence of Tecno, is a smart system of connected furnishings, designed to offer information and solution to owners and managers of smart office buildings and end users.

io.T Systems allow users and facility manager in:

- Data management: The information collected through the network permits improved management of the area, reduction of consumption and optimization of resources.
- User authentication: The users with NFC or Bluetooth devices (badges, smartphones, tablets, etc.), where they are registered, are identified by io.T, which recognizes their profile type.
- Room access authentication: Access to meeting rooms and offices is permitted by doors fitted with mechatronic locksthat can be opened solely through specific NFC/BT enabled devices.
- User recognition: Every working station features sensors detecting user presence of enabling table’s services.
- Comfort control: Tables equipped with io.T feature individual temperature and dedicated light sensors. The system also permits the room to be mapped and optimised ambient lighting.
- Room reservation: io.T interfaces with the room booking system. Information such as date, duration and assignment of places is transmitted to dedicated monitors integrated in the partition wall system at the entrance of the different rooms.
- Room management: A dedicated app permits audio, video, lighting and visual privacy control. Via dedicated software, io.T allows you to schedulea low-consumption status for stand-by periods and schedule the preparation or shutdown of the room and its equipment.
- Building management system: The Facility Manager can use software to query each io.T workstation remotely, to receive information in real time on: Operating status of the desks; Operating status of the rooms; Hourly usage of rooms and desks; Maintenance program

The missing link that transforms users into recognized people.
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