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 IP Messenger 2.1

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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


The world's first files transfer tool between iPhone and PC(WIFI U Disk+Chatting Tool+ Media Player+File Reader).
The iPhone edition of IP Messenger (IPMsg) .
1. It can communicate at WIFI network to IP Messengers on varieties of operating systems(chat or file transfer).
2. Support for multilingual: Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Japanese/English) and four encoding formats: GBK/BIG5/ShiftJIS/ACSII.
3. Support for sending files to iPhone, and can open the following types of files:
Video: mp4, m4v, mov, 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2, 3gp2, qt, mqv, m4v (iPhone supported format).
Audio: mp3, wav, m4p, m4b, m4a, aiff, aif, aic, cdda, amr, swa (iPhone supported format).
Photo: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif.
Document: txt (currently only support UTF-8 encoding), doc, docx, xls, xlsx, html, pdf, htm
4. Support for transferring files from iPhone to IP Messengers on others platforms (local files, photo gallery, photos taken by the camera).

IP Messenger(http://ipmsg.org/) is a pop up style LAN Messenger for multi platforms.
- It is based on TCP/IP(UDP).
- It does not require server machine.
- Simple, lightweight, and compact size.
- It has various editions on multiple platform including: Win32, Win16, MacOS, MacOSX, X11, GTK, GNOME

To run the app, please download and run the Winows edition: http://ipmsg.org/archive/ipmsg208.zip or the MacOSX edition: http://ishwt.net/downloads/IPMessenger092.dmg.

Because IP Messenger uses UDP and TCP, you should ensure the WIFI of iPhone is opened and connected to the same network as the Winows or MacOSX edition of IP Messenger.

Because IP Messenger does not surrport multilingual, you should ensure the encoding setting of iMessenger should be the same as the local language setted at the machine runnng IP Messenger.

The demonstration videoes that displays the application's features:
1. IP Messenger download and execution: http://gallery.me.com/wxnlyq#100054/IPMessenger&bgcolor=black

2. Login of iMessenger and it's overview: http://gallery.me.com/wxnlyq#100054/1&bgcolor=black

3. Message sent/receipt and files transfer: http://gallery.me.com/wxnlyq#100054/2&bgcolor=black
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