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This official iPark parking app lets you link up with your iPark account and pay for parking with all partner authorities in WA and Qld.

Cashless parking is the new, flexible way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. No coins, meters or hassles.

How does it work?

Register your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card details and mobile phone number with us and we debit the card when you pay for parking. You provide the vehicle license plate number and zone, which are sent to a database which the parking inspectors check with a hand-held device on their rounds.

A Tax Invoice is emailed to you also as confirmation and proof of payment.

Share your location and the map takes you to your current location with parking zones displayed.

Select the parking zone to find out about the rates. Then tap the Park button, confirm the vehicle you are parking and tap Clockon.

This starts the meter running. When leaving, tap Clockoff to stop the meter. The total cost of your parking is then displayed.

Forgot to Clockoff? No problem - the parking will expire when the maximum parking is reached for the zone, or at the end of the day.

No more queuing at meters, pay from the comfort of your car or office.

How much does it cost?

Registration is free. The cost of the parking as per the signs, plus a 40c convenience fee if you are parking in Brisbane.

What's a clockon?

Don't pay for more parking than you need. Clock on when you arrive and clockoff when you leave.

Your credit card will be debited the minimum cost of parking in that zone, or $1 whichever is greater.

When you click on clockoff, the cost of the parking is calculated and your credit card is debited the remaining balance. The minimum total cost of the transaction is $1.

A clockon will expire at midnight if you don't clockoff first.

You can clockon more than one vehicle and clock them off too.

How do I register?

Go to the web site at www.cashlessparking.com.au, click on "Register" or "Join now for free", fill in the form and submit.

Contact Us

iPark Australia Pty Ltd
Help Desk: 1300 727 513
Email: support@cashlessparking.com.au

Copyright iPark Australia Pty Ltd, 2013.
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