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 Iron Laser Robots: Future Fighting Shooting Bots 1.0

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With ever changing advance and new innovations in the dominion of flying robot games, the robot battle of robot shooting games has been entirely changed in order to meet and cope with the futuristic concerns of robot transforming games. The enemy is busy in hiring the most talented youth of transforming robot games to strengthen his affluences and aptitudes of robot war. The youth becomes ready to render his services to the dark forces of robot transformation and they are quite willing to sell their wisdom and other scientific concerns of robot fighting games in the exchange of huge amount of money and many other bounties of flying car robot games. They have been misguided by the evil minds of robot transform into car games and now they are working for these evil forces of robot transform games with full devotion and curiosity in the preparation of the robot fighting simulator. Due to the awareness of knowledge of latest technology of futuristic robots, they are busy in making much and more advanced forms of flying robot simulator with addition of the flying robot car which is with the knack of transform into a robot in the matter of seconds and many more inventions including robot car and monster robot are at the final and last stage of robot boxing games. The underworld has caused serious losses to the innocent people of the robot car games and till to the present time, they are the legends of this battle robot of robot killing games.

The need of the hour is the robot hero who is equipped with the lately tuned super powers of robot war games with keeping in concerns all the basic and fundamental needs and all sorts of necessary concerns of the futuristic city of super robot games. It must act like a real warrior in the form of flying monster and must be capable of dealing the air and ground targets of robot shooting of future flying. The robot superhero which has been provided in this game is not an ordinary robot machine in the strict sense of robot transforms but it is much more from the traditional super robot, robot x ray and many other commonly found robots of car transformation. Take the control of the flying hero who does not only with the propensities to meet the true and real requirements of this contest of flying robot games but he goes far beyond as he has been well tuned and futuristically designed as the monster hero by keeping in mind the technology which is not even in the minds of the people of robot shooting games. It acts like a real avenger and this robot monster bids the player a realistic chance to contest this expedition of robot transformation games in an agreeable and commanding manner by thrashing and smashing the furious robot, real robot, car robot and super car of the gangsters who have been using this machinery since long without any check or external pressure of robot fighting games. Use this superhero robot and clear the city from all sorts of stinging evils and make them pay for their ill doings.
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