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Use this app to help you remember your game results for Warmachine and Hordes MK3 games.

The app keeps track of the following information about a battle (all optional):
- Your faction
- Your caster
- Your armylist
- Opponents name
- Opponents profile picture
- Opponents faction
- Opponents caster
- Opponents armylist
- Date
- Scenario
- Army Size
- Game result
and even more....


Information can be presented in detailed view, in a list of battles or used for generating statistics.

View the app-images on Google Play for a bit of help on how to use the app. There are quite a few hidden features.
In general: Clicking on an item will open the default action, while long-pressing the item will open a small menu with options.


Instead of looking at all your battles all the time, you can apply a filter to the app. When applying a filter you will only see the battles that fulfill the requirements in your filter.
A filter is a collection of constraints. A filter can be simple with only a single constraint or advanced with many constraints.

An example of a simple filter with only a single constraint:
- Battles where I played Skorne.

You can make advanced filters by selecting more than one constraint. Below are two examples of possible filters:
- Battles where I played Khador and where my opponent used Caine2 as his warcaster.
- Battles above 50pts where my opponent Joe was playing his Khador army and where the scenario was Kill Box.

The filters can be used for two things. Either to reduce the number of battles shown in the BattleList or to make statistics about a subset of the battles.
- See all 25+ pts battles you've played against your friend Joe's Khador army where the scenario was Kill Box.
- See your win/draw/loss statistics based on which caster Joe used in the above battles.

Why don't you just try it yourself. It's actually easier than it sounds.


The app needs the following permissions:
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for the manual backup option and to save/load pictures taken inside the app.
The app NEVER reads or writes the external storage for any other reason.
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