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iRun Anywhere (powered by Google)

iRun Anywhere is a unique fitness service that allows you to select a route anywhere in the world and then actually run it!
Using Google Street View images, you will travel along your chosen route at the same time as you'd reach that point of your run in real life at the chosen speed - the images appearing as and when you would have reached that point.
(free to download and try out, so have a look at exactly what iRun Anywhere does before you purchase a subscription).

What we do know is that its a brand new way to enjoy your runs or exercise.

Ideal for running on any treadmill, using an exercise bike or jogging on the spot, iRun Anywhere gives a new perspective on keeping your running interesting, entertaining and enjoyable.

Personal Runs
Choose a Start and End location anywhere in the world (by city, street, post / zip code) and set a desired speed. Its that simple.

The only question you must ask yourself is "where would I like to run today"?

Preset Runs
Why not try Preset Runs where the route is already created in iRun Anywhere and all you have to do is set your desired speed.

We currently offer a route through New York's Central Park, the London Marathon circuit, a path up the great Ben Nevis in Scotland, a trek around Petra and Machu Picchu, a wander through Paris plus others. These & any new ones will all be part of your ongoing subscription.

Setting The Speed
There are two main ways to use the iRun Anywhere speed setting.

The first example is "real time" running. This is where you set, for instance your treadmill, to run at the same speed as iRun (lets say 10km per hour). iRun will then update images in "real time", the same as if you were running at 10km per hour in real life on that route.

The second example is to change the speed to decrease or increase the time of your full run to complete it in a certain time frame (so you could make a 4 hour run take only 30 minutes if you wanted to).

This adjustment means that iRun Anywhere can fit into any schedule.

iRun Anywhere can be downloaded for free & evaluated. There is a time limit of 1 hour total running time to use the app, with each individual run limited to 10 minutes.

With a subscription, there are no limits. You can run as far and as long as you like.

After the evaluation period ends you can purchase a subscription that will allow you to continue using iRun Anywhere.

There are short and long term subscriptions available, with big savings the longer the subscription period. Every subscription will include future updates, features and preset runs.

If you have any questions regarding iRun Anywhere then please click the Email button within the app to contact us directly.

We encourage constructive feedback and aim to reply to all emails. We feel its this community input and spirit that will drive iRun Anywhere forwards and continue to improve.
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