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(ISIP) Interactive Simulations in Physics
is an offline app that users can access anytime. ISIP is an instructional material about Periodic Motions that are good for both classroom and non-classroom settings.

Users will enjoy playing the simulations and at the same time they will learn the Physics concept of it.

Three Simulations.
1. Uniform Circular Motions

*Physical Quantities - Frequency, Period, Radius, Mass of Object, Radial Speed, Centripetal Acceleration & Centripetal Force.

2. Simple Pendulum

*Physical Quantities - Length, Gravitational Acceleration, Frequency, Period & Angular Frequency

3. Mass Spring System

*Physical Quantities - Spring Constant, Mass of object, Frequency, Period, Angular Frequency, Amplitude, Max. Speed, Max. Acceleration, Instantaneous Speed, Instantaneous Acceleration, Restoring Force, Elastic Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy

>Have Fun doing the Activities and Solving Problems

>Also evaluate yourself by completing the Tests!!

Two Types of Mode.
Lite Mode - Limited Access
Premium Mode - Complete Access

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