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 It's our secret -happiness love romance game 1.2

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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


A for-women adventure game(dating sims) illustrating love with your brother-in-law.

The requirement for the inheritance of the enormous amount of money... is the marriage with dear brother!?
"Dear brother, I have always been..."
Fighting with your emotions,
The path you take,
Will it be the inherited money, your dreams as a designer, or your love you have deeply hidden away...?
It's our Secret.
Who's hand will you take?

◆Rules for the game
The game is an interactive novel game where your choices determine how the story proceeds.
Though you confess your emotions to Edward, your feelings are shattered.
Your future is determined by how you walk your "One-year limited marriage" with the Edward you have yearned for.

Whether you bloom your love, be successful as a designer,
or inherit the glorious amount of money, is all within your hands.

Through your choices in the game, you will raise the loved points with him.
The amount of points you will receive will change depending on the choices you make, and the endings will alter with the total amount of loved points you end the game with.
The endings will change in accordance to the loved points.

◆Candidate lover character

(brother-in-law who you have a longing for) Edward
Legally speaking the prince should not have been a consideration.
Although you were hated more than needed...
Even if it is a fake marriage, a vow is made with a kiss,
and the marriage proposal that was not wanted will be carried out
Although the truth of what is said is that "You are my wife. ...for just one year"

(Another brother-in-law) Kevin
He wonders around aimlessly grasping at the world.
He acts as an obstacle to Shinji and your marriage because he wants the inheritance.

◆Fully enjoyable free! Already distributed up to the 4th story!
As you become a daughter of a millionaire family through the remarriage of your mother, you meet the cool and self-confident Edward, and Kevin who is aloof from the world; these love candidates will make your heart pound and experience the most exceptional feeling of being in love.

Distributed stories

-Edward's 1st story
-Edward's 2nd story
-Edward's 3rd story
-Edward's 4th story

Events will continue to be distributed!

▼Recommended if you...
・Like Otome Games, Romantic Love Comics
・Enjoy decorating your avatar
・Are playing a Romantic Simulation game for the first time
・Want to enjoy the forbidden love with your brother-in-law

▼What trouble will occur?
Please contact customer support here.
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