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 iTimeController 4.1.0

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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


Use your iPad and iPhone for monitoring your employees and personnel presence at a given location. You will have a real-time situation in each of your departments/offices. A tool to check out lunch breaks and missions. To export data into Excel for secure information. Ideal for small and medium-sized companies, but also for professional studies, training courses and conferences. Throw away your old card and track people electronically with a safe and economical QR Code.
Configuration Steps to follow:
1) Create an account (Company) by choosing an Email (to be checked) and a password.
2) Identify up to 3 "employees" with Name, Surname, Email and Serial number (the first 3 employees are for free, others can be purchased through the In-App Purchase). Send the QR code by e-mail to each "employee" by using the “Send QR” button directly from the app. They will be able to proceed with the check in.
3) Give a name to your device that will identify a check in point (presence surveyor) for your business. You can settle more "presence surveyors" for multiple locations and / or multiple entries of the same company.
4) At this point you can start using your iPad / iPhone as a presence surveyor and presence control application.

Web Backoffice

If you have any issues or/and suggestions , please email for assistance.
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