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 iVivaAnywhere Bookings 2.18.0

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This app ONLY works with an installation of iVivaCloud.

The App needs to be registered with an iVivaCloud installation by entering “Account”, “Api Key” and “Facility ID” supplied by the System Administrator of your iVivaCloud installation. It is also possible to scan a QR Code (supplied by the System Administrator) that would automatically fill in the data and perform the registration without having to type in the details.

The purpose of this app is to provide Facility Booking functionality for a Facility registered under the iVivaCloud installation.

After app is setup, the main page provides the following functionality:

(1) It shows Facility Name, Facility Image, current time and current/next booking. It also displays a QR code for the purpose of integrating with other iVivaCloud mobile apps – such as SmartOffice.

(2) Booking timeline is made up of 30-minute slots. Booked and vacant slots are shown in different colors. It also highlights the current time slot.

(3) A user can click on a vacant time slot, and make a booking by specifying duration. A popup will show default ‘purpose’ (booking title) as configured by system administrator of iVivaCloud account but editable by user. Also, default ‘host’ will be shown but editable by the user. (See below for more options).

(4) A User can click on a booked slot and release the booking, or extend the booking (if next slot is vacant) by specifying the duration.

More options:

(1) Under the settings page, there are few more options that can be enabled/disabled. Note that opening the Settings page requires a password that can be (optionally) setup by the system administrator of the iVivaCloud account.

(2) Use Default Booking Details – on/off. If turned on, the app does not prompt to enter a Purpose and select the Host (for the booking). Instead, it takes default values.

(3) Use QR Code – on/off. If turned on, the app will prompt the user to scan the QR code printed on his/her ID card to identify as Host.

(4) Release Booking – on/off. When QR code is enabled, this option decides whether to allow users to release existing bookings, by identifying themselves by scanning the QR code of their ID cards.

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