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Lord Shri Ram has all noble qualities as mentioned in Dharma (Religion). He is one who define true dharma. He is the life , breath and soul of sanatan vedic dharma . Vedic followers consider him perfect hero . He is embodiment of all noble virtue and merits .
Lord Shri Ram is central figure of Ramayana one of the Renowned and Greatest Epics of India.. He is supreme incarnated god in Hindutav. He is best example of ideal son, husband and much more a ideal king. He is considered seventh (7th ) incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Shri Ram took the birth to protect the earth from the sins, evil forces and brutality of demon lanka king ravan . Ravan could not killed by any god by taking boon powers from Barma and Mahesh so god had to taken human form to do so . Rama is the symbol of courtesy and praiseworthy assets, a man of values and morals. He is called Maryada Purushottama means perfect person.

List of songs in "Jai Jai Ram" :-

1. Ramar Subrabatham
2. Ayothiyil Vaazhum
3. Nee Nindra Thirukolam
4. Sri Rama Yena
5. Pathrachalam Thalame
6. Sri Ramar Seethai
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