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Keeping a journal or writing your diary everyday can be boring at times but your memories are as precious to us as they are to you. Which is why we built Jarme, an app that makes it fun to write, share and reminisce the moments of your life that are worth remembering.

Jarme allows you to store your memories with concise text, flying colours, beautiful images in a meaningful way.

Key features include:

Ease of use
↠ Add a picture, location and icon directly from the news feed
↠ No picture to add in your memory? Pick from internet within the app.
↠ Set a default icon and color to avoid changing it manually every time you create a memory.
↠ Detects current location if turned on

Intuitive Search functionality
↠ Directly search words added in title or description. This functionality reduces the stress of adding tags to your memories.
↠ Search through memories using powerful filters such as has:picture, or has:locations or is:favourite etc.

Categorise your memories into different jars
Why confuse yourself by putting all memories in one jar? Create multiple jars with different categories to keep memories organised. Example: Friends, family, Love, Food etc.

Share Jars with others
Create a Jar that can be used to share memories together. Add a member to your memory jar and you would never have to write the same story twice. Note: All memories added in the share jar will be visible to the other member.

User friendly news feed
↠ Chronological list of memories
↠ Picture on the background of the memory (if added)
↠ Location preview of the memory (If added)
↠ Jar name (If added in a particular jar)
↠ Name of the participant if the memory is added by a member.
↠ Preview of date, icon and color.
↠ Preview of whether the memory was your favorite or not

An overview of your memories
↠ Summary of your monthly memories, favourites and jars
↠ Add memories directly from the calendar
↠ Filter through calendar to overview your monthly memories.
↠ Dot preview representing a memory of the day
↠ yearly preview representing the number of memories added each month
↠ The 4 most used icons in that particular year
↠ Filter to overview your other yearly memories
↠ Get an overview of all the places where you have added memories.
↠ When was the location first created
↠ The memories you have in each locations
↠ Identifying the top used locations from the list

Pictures, Location, Icon, Colour, Date & Time
↠ Take an image using camera, upload from gallery or pick from the internet
↠ Use current location or a location that was used previously.
↠ 348 Icons to choose from
↠ 24 different colours to pick from
↠ Customise date and time

Passcode protection
Lock the app with a passcode to keep your valuable memories secure.

In app notification
↠ Lets the app to look through your oldest memory. We call it JarMuseum
↠ Features that memory on your home feed
Push notification
↠ Get notified directly on your phone for JarMuseum.

★★★ Ad Free ★★★

Support & Feature Request
Is there a bug you'd like to report or feature that you wish your jar of memories had? Feel free to drop us a line and we will try our best to make it a reality.

Online presence
Website: https://jarmemori.es
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jarmeapp
Facebook: https://facebook.com/jarmeapp
Email: jarmeapp@gmail.com
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