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Aaarg – Another Sudoku App

There are zillion Sudoku Apps in the App Store, so why another.

I haven’t tried them all, but the ones I have tried have had features that I found annoying, or their presentation awkward, or their aids lacking or poorly implemented, their error display frustrating, or their features like “entering a game” flawed, or features like “saving games,” or “trying tutorials” missing altogether.

So I wrote “Java Sudoku” that let’s you customize how it looks, how you play, what colors and styles you use, what playing aids you like and what you don’t.

I like Sudoku, and I recognize that the game can be appreciated in a lot of ways. Java Sudoku lets you build a Sudoku App that plays the way you want.

You can:
- Play in portrait, or landscape orientation, if you’re left handed you can play in a “lefty” landscape orientation; you can “lock” the orientation if you want.

- Select your “play method." You can play by selecting a number first then placing it on the board, or you can play by selecting a location on the board then selecting the number.

- Select and edit the color schemes.
- Edit the sounds played by the game.
- Turn “bling” on and off.
- Turn on and off, Hi-Lighting of the selected number.
- Display errors either immediately, never, or after a 7 second delay.
- Manage your own pencil marks, or let the game do it for you.
- Get Hints if you want them.
- Shade “excluded squares” if you want.
- Can Save games, and go back to them later.

At any time during a game, you can go the “menu,” make your changes and return to you game.

Try the tutorials to learn advanced puzzle solving techniques.

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