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How to Make Gold Jewelry serious enthusiasts can learn to make gold jewelry in the house with a candle molds and equipment other jewelry. Gold jewelry is more expensive and time consuming to make than other types of jewelry, but the benefits of selling your own jewelry or giving handmade gifts can be more valuable than make up for the difficulties involved.

How to make:

1. Use Mold Making Gold Jewelry
2. Gather your supplies and safety equipment. Tie your hair and remove any jewelry found to avoid an accident while you are working.
3. Iris your candle in half width-wise to make identical parts.
4. Use candles to create a file even on the surface of your candles. Set one of the side.
5. Carve patterns in your wax with a razor blade or utility to form the mold for the jewelry you want to create. This pattern should be the same as the width, length and depth that you want for your finished jewelry. Alternatively, you can use another mold (if available) or a copy of jewelry you want to make and press down into (softened) wax to make an impression.
6. Melt the gold with your hand torch. When using hand torch, be sure to put the gold into a container that can withstand high heat.
7. Pour the molten gold into molds of your candles, be certain to fill it full. Pour slow enough to avoid being burned, but fast enough to ensure that the golden liquid.
8. Allow to sit until golden candle molds to harden, usually between 45 minutes to an hour. Place the mold and in the press or clamp or under heavy objects to keep both parts and must be pressed tightly together.
9. Open the mold and remove jewelry.
10. Gold jewelry gold polish and polish using a soft cloth, clean.
11. Add beads, stones or gems needed to complete your part.
12. Attach the buckle to the ends of the bracelet, necklace or anklet to complete.

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