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 Jigsaw Puzzle VIP: Night View 2.0


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Do you like a night view? If yes, enjoy the Night view Jigsaw Puzzle right now!

When you wait for someone, you can feel bored. Playing Night view Jigsaw Puzzle makes you not bored anymore.
Playing Night view Jigsaw Puzzle with working brain in the subway or bus makes you feel time flies like an arrow.

Relax to play Night view Jigsaw Puzzle with listening to your favourite music or drinking a coffee.
This is a classical Jigsaw Puzzle game that offers a variety of positive effects(improving concentration, developing brain, etc.) unlike the game for killing time.

Night view Jigsaw Puzzle has 50 free puzzle images with very simple user interface.
Unlike complicated multiplayer game, Night view Jigsaw Puzzle is a good game for playing alone.
This puzzle game give the relaxation to exhausted person from complicated and tired games.

All pictures of puzzles in this game is free.
Night view Jigsaw Puzzle game is not only free puzzle game but also designed for all ages from kids to senior citizens, so you can play very easily.
To kids, improving concentration, developing brain, cultivating patience.
To senior citizens, prevention of dementia(Alzheimer's disease).

Just select the number of pieces and then select night view image what you want to play.
From 4 piece puzzle to 900 piece puzzle is available and it's all free.
Move the piece of the puzzle to the correct position to complete the puzzle.

You can pinch the screen to zoom in and out when you are hard to play because of many pieces of puzzle.
You can also back the scale again by double tap screen.

Every time new pieces are made randomly for the new experience.
The game is saved automatically, so you can always continue the game again.

This Night view Jigsaw Puzzle is complete product so doesn't contain any in-app purchases.
The difference between paid version and free version is there are no advertisement in paid version.
Have a fun time to play Night view Jigsaw Puzzle.

The positive effects of Jigsaw Puzzle:
- Improve concentration and memory
- Strengthen and develop brain
- Prevention of dementia(Alzheimer's disease)
- Give a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction
- Improve observation skills
- Cultivate patience and endurance

Features of Night view Jigsaw Puzzle by CoCoPaPa:
- 50 free and high quality puzzle images of night view
- Simple design and user interface for easy to use
- Move screen freely and zoom in, zoom out
- Every piece is created randomly every time
- Background music with atmospheric classical music
- Preview mode is supported(puzzle guiding lines and translucent image)
- Saving the game automatically

Available Jigsaw Puzzle:
- For beginner: 4 piece puzzle(2x2) ~ 100 piece puzzle(10x10)
- For intermediate: 121 piece puzzle(11x11) ~ 400 piece puzzle(20x20)
- For advanced: 441 piece puzzle(21x21) ~ 900 piece puzzle(30x30)
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