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I had a dream still from my childhood- to publish a book of anecdotes. We always tell from little time, the nicknames of actors of Gyumri when we see from afar- Tsets, Niko, Igorik. We were little at that time, now it's a shame to remember so great actors in such way. I wanted to create a book because when I am in other regions people always ask me to tell anektods. I decided to make this people communicative. To be the inhabitant of Gyumri is an honor, hard is to keep the honor.
It seems that my first childhood dream is the way of fulfillment, but there are a lot of problems. First I do not want that the books are published and distributed just like that. I want that they reached to recipients. Then I want that the profits from that books were used for preservation of Minas frescos. Now we have an APP and hope to be loved by the public.
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