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Find the largest number of winning combinations of 5 cards on a board made of 25 cards by a time limit.

The game is based on a system of time challenges. To start a game, the player has to choose between the training mode (PRACTICE) and the tournaments mode (TOURNAMENTS). For this it's necessary a data connection.

In PRACTICE mode the player has to select a training level. In each level there is a different number of cards in the deck. In EASY level deck has 28 cards, in the WARM-UP level has 36 cards and in the MANIAC level deck has 52 cards. The goal of player is to play at the MANIAC level and then enter TOURNAMENTS mode.

In TOURNAMENTS mode players face each other in matches for the CAREER and games in direct CHALLENGE in the level of play MANIAC.

In a CAREER game can partecipate from 2 to 4 players on the same LEVEL of skills and they have to play 4 rounds. Each hand in turn determines the DEALER in relation to the chronological order of participation in the game (the latest entry is the last button). All players can device to play on the same board of 25 cards but each round has a time limit of 5 minutes that allows other players to continue the game and start a new round. Players who do not play jump through and do not gain points (LOST). The winner is the player with hightest score (adding up the scores of each round).

A direct CHALLENGE game involves only 2 players who have to play 2 rounds. The player selects the prize of the game (JACKPOT) and the opponent among all the players with whom he had already played or against a random player who accepts the value of the prize. Each hand determines the turn of the DEALER, the first is the challenger. The challenged player may decide whether to play or leave. The winner is the player with the hightest score (adding up the scores of each round). The player who wins earns the prize (JACKPOT) which is deducted directly from opponent's SCORE of skill.

A player who wins a game for this CAREER earns a score equal to the sum of points scored in each hand plus an experience point (XP). The player who loses earns a score equal to half the sum of the points scored in each hand. 50 games won (50 XP) earn the player a skill LEVEL.

Visit the ranking of the best players for each game mode updated in real time on the website:
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