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Jowist, the most innovative Maths course is motivated by age old yet famous “Panchtantra Tales”, where life lessons were taught through stories. Similarly, we at Jowist, have also created by far the most innovative and fun-filled content for Maths (Class 3 - Class 10) where each topic is covered and dealt with an engaging story and interwoven games to help enhance the comprehension of the concepts and enhanced attention span.

The need for Jowist (Joy with study)

Learning has got competition: Students have various entertainment options available24x7 throughout the year. This may be in the form of cartoons and games made available to them through various media and mobile device. This in fact, has undeniably affected the amount of time invested in studies. Simply said, learning has competition like never before. We have created an alternate channel which teaches Math with fun.

Math requires time and effort: Subjects like Mathematics require more time and effort to be effectively comprehended and assimilated. But due to the lack of time, a child tends to lose interest and often develop a fear for the subject unconsciously. This has been identified as poignant problem by eminent education experts across the world. Jowist teaches lessons in engaging way that learning becomes smooth and effortless.

Math is abstract: Often students find it difficult to connect concepts of Maths with real life scenarios. Stories help connect the concept with real life scenarios.

At Jowist, we have created a model of learning that will incite in the student interest in such subjects by teaching them through stories and games. Everyone loves stories or we could say, everything interesting has elements of story in it. Scholars and researchers too, have found that stories are quite intriguing and facilitate better understanding of concepts in such subjects which in turn will reflect in good grades as well as proper comprehension of the subject. Thus, Jowist strives to provide the best-in-class learning aid where students develop a habit to love what they learn.

Jowist aims to make learning fun and enjoyable through:

1. Interesting and immersive stories
2. Highly intriguing and engaging lessons
3. Interactive crosswords and quizzes
4. Gamification of the Course material
5. Story telling workshops (online)
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