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► JULTAR is a brand new game with intense online gameplay. Play in matches of 2-6 players, with gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch (coming soon) and Free for all. Unlock new items with leveling up. Play with friends by hosting your own room, and inviting them by sending them your ID code. Multiplayer is your number one choice if you want intense action and fast-paced online gameplay. Its fast-paced, extremely energetic and action packed. But be warned - It’s very easy to get caught with your pants down if you don’t know what you’re doing. Eliminating the enemy will unlock Killstreak rewards, like Rockets or Juggernaut Health. Form a squad, work together and crush the enemy in 3 Vs 3! Or be your own one man army and annihilate everyone in your path in Free For All!
Being a good player in this game involves being quick on your feet, and mobile. How you move and how you navigate on the different maps has a huge impact on how successful you are while playing online. There are 8 weapons available in the online. In combination with perks (special abilities that affect multiplayer gameplay), this wide range of choices can be complex. Spraying and Praying. Running and Gunning. Pointing and Shooting. These are some of the phrases that are used to describe the multiplayer gameplay in Jultar.

► Campaign (coming soon)
On the planet Jagur, a disastrous reactor explosion caused much of the population to become poisoned and subject to mutations. The damage is irreparable, and the surviving Jagurs flee their home in search of a new world. They seek refuge on the nearest, hospitable world - Monio. As the Jagur race leave their home world, they carry with them many ill and infected. They arrive on Monio quietly, and break into a nearby armory to steal weapons and supplies. But the people of Monio had already discovered the new arrivals. They knew of the disaster on Jagur, and fear the potential invasion and infection. War has come to Monio's world.
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