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 Just Now--Improve your work efficiency todolist 2.0.0


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- Obtain「 the most beautiful applications 」 recommended

-「 Just 」 is a task management APP
- List of tasks, out of procrastination, focus on work, program management, detailed statistics

The Just is concise and efficient GTD.
1. The long-term task set to a classification, a sub-task, click the task to start timing, every 25 minutes to rest.
2. Right-slide to complete a task, left slide to hide.
3. Detailed statistics to make it clear what you do, with how long, the implementation of the number of times.

Each completed a small task has brought a little sense of accomplishment, and these sense of accomplishment, is your motivation to move forward.

The main function:
** Quick action **
No need to open APP, add the most extended in the desktop on the left, anytime, anywhere does not unlock the operation

1. Right-slide finish
2. Left slide hidden
3. Press and hold Sort

** Classification Management **
The length of the target combination, a sense of accomplishment to promote progress

** Focus Mode **
Forced to concentrate more on their work

** Leaderboard **
Social ranking, mutual encouragement, more motivation

** Detailed stats **
Intimate for your daily, weekly, monthly, annual time, frequency, complete task statistics, clearly see your recent work efficiency and trends.

** Account Data Synchronization **
Each task is the footprint of your growth.

** Customize focus duration and break duration **
Working time: default 25 minutes, can be customized
Rest time: default 5 minutes, can be customized

** Rich Settings **
Set the reminder time of the task, urgency, notes

** More topics **
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