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 KanColle Akashi's Arsenal 2day 試作十九号五型

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Today's convert is the application it's possible to judge possible equipment from which in Akashi's arsenal.
The unnecessary equipment is made hidden, and there is a function which indicates only favorite equipment, so it's possible to indicate only necessary information. There is a function which reads and manages duty of convert material (screw) gathering as the addition function.

*It corresponds to English, but the contents are Japanese.

The function and the feature
✓Convert confirms the possible equipped list today.
✓Only favorite equipment is indicated.
✓The unnecessary equipment can be made nondisplay.
✓The priority can be set as worrisome equipment in particular.
✓There is a cooperation function with the Kancolle wiki*.
✓Indication of duty and achievement situation management about material(screw) gathering can be done.
✓Safety and relief A special right, it's unnecessary and there is also no advertisement indication.

The operational explanation
List screen
The equipment which can be convert today is indicated by a list.When a tap does a day of the week, other days are indicated.ALL indicates all data irrespective of a day of the week.
There is a function which indicates only favorite equipment.The number of the necessary convert material (screw) is indicated like 2/2/4.

In-depth screen
Nondisplay and the priority of registration of favorite equipment and the equipment it doesn't want to show to a list screen can be established. It's connected with Kancolle Wiki* from a magnifying glass icon.

<Convert material related duty>
The list of duty related to convert material (screw) can be confirmed.Confirmation of the precondition and achievement circumstances can be managed.

Recommended how to use
When favorite equipment is registered first, it becomes easy to use.
1 A tap does ALL, and all equipment is indicated.
2 Liked equipment "doesn't show "favorite" and unnecessary equipment to a list", it's checked.
3 The priority is set as worrisome equipment in particular.
4 I make only a favorite indicate whether a★ icon is pressed with a list screen from the menu.

Address of gratitude
The carried data is originated with "Kancolle wiki*". I thank all commodores who participated in Wiki edit.
Kancolle wiki* http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/

I used the next material. Thank you very much for an offer of the wonderful material.
- Icon picture Mr. Kiguchi (@Kiguchi1902) / http://togetter.com/li/545148
- NYASHII font kai2 / Making Mr. MARUSE. / http://marusexijaxs.web.fc2.com

This application is the application to enjoy the world of "Fleet girls Collection Kancolle". Kancolle I didn't have the development/endorsement of operation. It's being made in the area permitted as fan activity.
*You can't play a game by this application.
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