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KarmaCircles is a platform to search for skilled people, request a meeting (online/phone/in-person) and then thank them for the time & help given by them. People give their time out of the goodness of their heart and to build their online reputation around various skills.

KarmaMeeting - You can search for professionals by name, skills, groups & location. We call them KarmaGivers. If you need help from them, you can request a KarmaMeeting from these KarmaGivers.

KarmaNote - After a KarmaMeeting, you are supposed to send a KarmaNote to your KarmaGiver. KarmaNote is a form of thank-you note for taking the time to help you with something. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS NOT FEEDBACK. One should be thankful to the KarmaGiver for the time that they gave you. It doesn’t matter whether their advice was useful or not. You also get the opportunity to endorse the KarmaGiver for up to three skills.

You could thank KarmaGivers for a KarmaMeeting in the past. You can also thank one of your contacts for a KarmaMeeting in the past. The contact may not be registered on KarmaCircles platform yet.

KarmaGroup - You can join a KarmaGroup to be part of your company's network or your schools's alumni network. One can send you a KarmaMeeting request only if you share at least one group with them. To create KarmaGroup for your company or school, please contact us at help@karmacircles.com

KarmaFeed - KarmaFeed allows you to see who is helping who on the KarmaCircles platform. If you don't know who can help you with your needs, you can post a query on KarmaCircles. Each query goes into KarmaFeed and anyone can offer help. You can then schedule a KarmaMeeting with them.

KarmaIntro - If you wish to ask someone (who you already know) to help a KarmaReceiver, you can introduce a KarmaReceiver to a KarmaGiver. You can then track the status of KarmaMeeting between the two of them.

KarmaPoint- Karma points are the way to measure someone’s reputation on the KarmaCircles platform. The higher the score, the better it is. You get 10 points when you receive a KarmaNote for a KarmaMeeting. You also get two points when you send a KarmaNote to someone.

Privacy - The messages that you send to a KarmaGiver requesting a KarmaMeeting is visible only to two of you. The responses that you receive from the KarmaGiver are visible only to two of you. The KarmaNote that you send to a KarmaGiver is visible on your profile as well as the KarmaGiver’s profile. You can always hide it from your profile at any point of time.
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